Follow-up of hygiene campaigns and disinfection sector projects

Field visits today to follow up on the works of some public projects included a review of the project to protect the city of Moknine from floods at a cost of 5 million dinars, with a progress of 98% completion. Drainage of waste water, preparing a lower part of Wadi Al-Ghassel, various water facilities, and preparing roads

. The first commissioner and the regional and local tires accompanying him also inspected the flood of wastewater at the entrance to the city of TouzaOn the side of Qasr Hilal Road, due to the breakdown of the pumping station of the National Office for Disinfection, which caused the flood of waste water on the agricultural plots. . The follow-up to the exceptional hygiene campaigns that were launched last Sunday and will continue until the end of this week represented part of the field visits, where a cleanliness campaign was inspected in the city of Touza with the participation of the municipality of Touza and the regional administration for equipment, housing and infrastructure, and in the same context, the first authorized Tariq Al-Bakoush to program A regional and exceptional cleaning campaign to clean the belt road, banen, Moknin