Regional celebration of National Tree Day

بلاغ إتمام عملية إسناد المساكن الإجتماعية

بلاغ إتمام عملية إسناد المساكن الإجتماعية المنجزة في إطار البرنامج الخصوصي للسكن الإجتماعي بولاية المنستير في جزئه المتكون من عدد 11 مسكن فردي بمعتمدية جمال و عدد 65 مسكن جماعي بمعتمدية الساحلين

بقية التفاصيل

Regional celebration of National Tree Day

The regional celebration of National Tree Day under the slogan "All for a green Tunisia" Nayla El-Kenji, Minister of Industry, Mines and Energy, and in the presence of Mr. Monastir and Mr. Bashir Attia, secretary general of the wilaya, and Mr. Wajih Boumeza, delegate of Monastir on his behalf,

as well as a group of regional executives, representatives of national organizations and representatives of civil society attended the regional celebration of the National Tree Day. Following a parade to salute the red flag on the melodies of the official anthem in the presence of security formations and with the contribution of a group of Tunisian scouts, the Minister was informed of the reminders and workshops organized by the regional delegate for women, family affairs, childhood and the elderly for children and students on the occasion of this national holiday and for awareness The importance of the tree in human life And with the importance of preserving it and participating in its planting, then the Minister, the First Commissioner and the Secretary General of the State have planted a number of trees in the part of the Munster Square reforestation program, which is a green square. The representative of the Forestry Department of the Regional Commissariat for Agricultural Development of Monastir, while presenting the forest area of ​​the region and evaluating the previous afforestation season, explained that the production of trees, ornamental plants and forest seedlings and semi-forest of the region during this season is about 448,762 trees And seedlings, of which 340,272 thousand forest and semi-forest plants and 108,490 thousand ornamental plants, where 30 hectares of pastoral plantations and forest afforestation await planting this season. The representative of the Forestry Department added that during the 2020/2021 afforestation season, approximately 69,382 trees and seedlings were planted and distributed, as 42,966,000 trees were successfully registered, i. pastoralists, The representative of the Forestry Department confirmed that a quantity of trees and ornamental plants will be distributed free of charge to public and private institutions and municipalities in accordance with the agreements concluded previously, in addition to distributing trees to all citizens to celebrate the tree. The Minister and the First Commissioner went to the headquarters of Radio Monastir, where she supervised in the presence of Ms. Lilia Bel-Cheikh, Director of the Radio, and the children of the Radio Corporation, part of the reforestation of the garden of the headquarters from the radio.