Training of teams to monitor the presentation of the health passport, authorized by Mr. Tariq Al-Bakoush, the first approved

Training of teams to monitor the memorization of the health passport Mr. Tariq Al-Bakoush, first authorized person in charge of the management of the affairs of the State of Monastir, authorized this Thursday, December 30, 2021,

during his supervision of a exceptional working session of the regional committee for prevention and response to disasters and organization of emergencies, the constitution of 3 regional teams responsible for monitoring the degree of commitment to present the health passport. Decree n ° 1 of 2021 relating to the “SARS Cove-2” vaccination permit, in force since December 22. The First Commissioner also authorized the development of a work schedule for the implementation of the inspection and control visits as soon as possible, which will include the different delegations, stressing in the same context that the control teams will be composed of representatives of the services concerned, such as a representative of the regional health administration, the regional trade administration and the regional tourism delegation and the labor inspection and security services of the forces of the order, guards, mayors, each according to their local authority, and representatives of the population, control officers according to sectors and specializations. The first representative recalled the sanctions that could be taken in the form of an inspection by the committee, any violation of the application of the ban on access to public spaces without invoking the health passport, which could result in the issuance of a decision of temporary closure of the space for a period of 15 days, in addition to recalling the quality of private spaces open to the public according to what was stipulated in Presidential Decree No. 1 of 2021, in particular cafes, restaurants, various types of stores , tourist units, spaces open to the public and places and spaces dedicated to recreational activities and weddings, as well as hosting exhibitions, forums and artistic, scientific, cultural and sporting events. . The First Commissioner also authorized the directors, regional delegates and representatives of the regional directorates of trade, tourism, education, youth, sports, women, family, children, the elderly and the labor inspectorate, to activate the control and inspection teams referred to in order to inspect and control the scope of the engagement By invoking the health passport as well as by monitoring the extent to which the protocols sanitary measures are being applied to limit the spread of infection with the Corona virus, the percentages of which have increased in recent days, including the increase in the number of positive cases from outside the country.