Monitor the readiness of the security services and their focus to secure travel and celebrate the eve of the new administrative year

Monitor the readiness and focus of the security services to secure mobility and celebrate the eve of the new administrative year As part of monitoring the readiness and focus of security and determine the state of preparation of the various security and civil protection services to secure travel and Celebrations by the new administrative year 2022,

Mr. Affairs of the state of Monastir this evening, Friday December 31, 2021, an inspection visit in a number of security posts and checkpoints on the roads. The first authorized M., who was accompanied by the acting delegate of Monastir, the commissioner of the two coasts, the mayors, the regional directors of the police and the guards, the regional director of civil protection, the commander of the regional regiment of policing, the heads of regions and a number of security executives, inspected part of the concentration of security units. At permanent checkpoints at crossroads and mobile patrols which ensure the process of securing traffic and the safety of road users, protecting citizens and public and private property, and resisting various manifestations of public security disturbances on the occasion of the New Year celebrations, where these visits were the occasion in which the First Commissioner sent his congratulations to the executives and security officers and through them to all the sons of the security establishment in the occasion of the advent of the new administrative year 2022, praising their efforts to ensure security and stability. The First Commissioner visited the headquarters of the Security District, the Guard District, the Regional Directorate of Civil Protection, the police barracks, Habib Bourguiba International Airport in Monastir, security checkpoints at Presidency crossroads and crossroads on the road between Monastir and Wardanin and in front of the airport and Dekheila junction and the constant observation point at Wadi Hamdoun and a number of security points in the region. The First Commissioner, in the presence of the Regional Director of Health, was informed of the health and epidemiological monitoring process for incoming travelers at Habib Bourguiba airport and continued the work of the health team in charge of conducting rapid analyzes. and investigations into the Corona virus infection, as well as visiting the emergency department of the CHU Fattouma Bourguiba in Monastir and reviewing the Workflow, citizen admission, health services and patient care. {gallery} znc {/ gallery}