Meeting of the regional committee for prevention, intervention and organization of emergencies

The meeting of the regional committee for disaster prevention and response and the organization of relief Update the health protocol for each sector, in particular the education sector, so that it is in line with the quality of the fast-spreading virus, .emphasizing the pointlessness of closing departments or educational institutions when cases of infection are discovered.

The extension or introduction of the second half of the tripartite holiday, which coincides with the peak of this fifth wave of the spread of Corona virus infection, especially "Amicron", which spreads quickly and is contagious. - Develop a communication plan with the participation of various structures, organizations and civil society, in particular scientific committees, to present and clarify the extent of the spread of the Corona virus infection and present the different stages of the development of this fifth wave of the spread of the virus and how to prevent its dangers so that it does not have negative health, social and economic repercussions. And under the supervision of Mr. Tariq Al-Bakoush, the first delegate in charge of managing the affairs of the State of Monastir and in the presence of the accredited gentlemen, the regional director of civil protection, the rapporteur of the regional committee for the prevention and disaster response and relief organization, the director of the security region in Monastir, the regional director of health, the regional delegate for education, and a group of regional executives, The meeting of the Regional Committee for Disaster Prevention, Confronting It and Organizing Rescue addressed the monitoring of the epidemiological situation in the region in general, particularly in the educational environment, where the regional director of health Hammouda Al-Baba explained that until January 16, a average of 736 active cases have been recorded per 100 residents (least accredited 169. Most are 1076), which explains a very high risk rate throughout the region, recording 5 deaths per week and 41 residents in hospitals, including 3 cases in private clinics, representing a family occupancy rate of 45.2%. Regarding the regional vaccination campaign against the Corona virus, the regional health director explained that it reached 52.62% of the total population of the region and 73.01% for people aged 15 years. and more. The regional education delegate in Monastir, Mongi Selim, has confirmed that 1,201 cases of coronavirus infection have been recorded in the school community, including more than 800 students, which has required the closure of a number of educational departments and institutions. The regional committee to avoid and face disasters and organize aid renewed the call to citizens to demand the vaccination process and the respect of health procedures and protocols, including the wearing of masks and physical distancing, and strengthen the work monitoring and the process of invoking the health passport for vaccination, while supporting the opinion of the regional scientific committee Extend the second trimester holidays or present them to break the pattern of viral infection on the one hand and to ensure the equal opportunities for students.