Commemoration of the 70th Anniversary of the Battle of January 23, 1952

Commemoration of the 70th Anniversary of the Battle of January 23, 1952 The city of Tbolba, Monastir Province, commemorated today, Sunday, January 23, 2022, the 70th anniversary of the battle of January 23, 1952, which represented the first spark for the march of liberation and independence for Tunisia.

And under the supervision of Mr. Tariq al-Bakoush, the first delegate in charge of running the affairs of the state of Monastir, and in the presence of Messrs. Moez Fathallah, the delegate of Tbolba, Riad Nouira, the mayor of Tbolba, Adel Taqieh, president of the regional union of industry, commerce and handicrafts, and Mohamed Daghim, president of the regional union of agriculture and fisheries, A group of regional and local officials, representatives of civil society components and a number of militants, organized an official procession to salute the redeemed flag in the presence of formations from the National Army and from the sons of the security establishment, then lay a wreath at the cemetery of the martyrs and recite the Fatiha of the book and have mercy on the martyrs who participated In the period of resistance, the time of the battle and the epic, which represented a decisive stage in the history of the struggle against the French colonialists. The commemoration of the battle of January 23, 1952 in Tabla is an opportunity to educate new generations and establish in them the principle of recognizing the gratitude to those who contributed to building our country and preserving its independence, dignity and immunity. The battle of January 23, 1952, at Tbolba and in recognition of them and their fathers for the struggle role, given that the clash of the people of the city of Tablab against the French colonialism began since the founding of the Tunisian Constitutional Free Party, where a constitutional cell was formed in the town in 1929, some of its members participated in the Baath conference in the city of Qasr Hilal on March 2, 1934 Since that date, some residents of the city of Tbolba have been involved in the organized struggle against the French colonialists. The people of the city of Tbolba also participated in many struggle movements at the time, including the participation of the constitutional youth, whose discipline was similar to the military regime, which contributed to mobilizing the resistance and confronting the colonizer, in a popular meeting on January 10, 1952 under the supervision of the late leader Habib Bourguiba, who sharpened their enthusiasm. The militants and the resistance fighters to confront with all force and skill the colonizer. Returning to the city of Tbolba, the fighters set out to prepare for the armed struggle, so they collected some weapons in addition to the manufacture of local weapons, until a bloody battle took place on January 23, which killed 8 martyrs in the center of the city of Tbolba. Abd al-Salam Bayoudh, Othman ibn Ahmad in Susiya, Omar ibn Abd al-Karim ibn Muhammad Bayoudh, Muhammad ibn Abd al-Qadir al-Mastiri, Ahmed ibn Faraj ibn Mustafa al-Turki, and Shabeel ibn Muhammad ibn Hassan Nuwayra.