Latest preparations for the campaign for the constitutional referendum.

As part of the review of the good preparation  for the organization of the constitutional referendum on time so that the people freely crack their position and have the final say in the elaboration of a new constitution and in order to achieve the success of this electoral path to be held on Monday 25 July 2022,
On Friday morning, Mr. Mondher Ben Sik Ali the governor of Monastir oversaw a security session in the presence of gentlemen:  the State Secretary General, the leader of the National Security Region, the leader of the National Guard Region, the Regional Director of Civil Protection, the leader of the Min Independent Elections Authority.
 Mr. governor witnessed the completion of all organizational, logistical and operational readiness from all overlapping parties in coordination with the Independent Electoral Subsidiary Body, ensuring the proper functioning of the constitutional referendum and tightening its security in coordination with all administrative security and military structures. Mr. the governor also stressed that all overlapping parties, especially security and military, are confident for the success of the constitutional referendum, which requires the provision of public security in the centres, electoral headquarters and assembly centres and raising the level of veto of their perspectives in terms of dealing with the conduct of the referendum process and reviewing electoral irregularities.