A field visit to the Moknine delegation

بلاغ إتمام عملية إسناد المساكن الإجتماعية

بلاغ إتمام عملية إسناد المساكن الإجتماعية المنجزة في إطار البرنامج الخصوصي للسكن الإجتماعي بولاية المنستير في جزئه المتكون من عدد 11 مسكن فردي بمعتمدية جمال و عدد 65 مسكن جماعي بمعتمدية الساحلين

بقية التفاصيل

A field visit to the Moknine delegation

As part of the series of field visits that were programmed for all accreditations of listeners for the region's concerns and to familiarize themselves with the development situation, on the morning of Thursday, 4 August 2022, Mr. Mondher Ben Sik Ali governor of Monastir visited the two accreditations where he witnessed the work of building the accreditation and the functional residence in the presence of Messrs.

Mr. governor moved to the headquarters of the municipality of Moknine , where he oversaw a plenary session in the presence of Messrs. Mukadin, the President of the National Security Area, the Head of the Civil Protection Team and the mayors of the two places. Amiret al-Hrjjaj, Amiret al-Fhoul, amire Tawzra, Sidi Bannour Regional Council Department and representatives of various interests, local administrative structures, representatives of national organizations, associations and civil society components. Mr. governor listened to the interventions of the attendees, which focused on:
Moknine Municipality: Demand the preparation, maintenance and cleaning of laundry valley and speed up the completion of the fourth installment of its construction to avoid recorded environmental disturbances and accelerate the completion of the disinfection plant and 6 km of disinfection network at a cost of 6 million dinars
To strengthen the human framework of the branch of the National Office for Disinfection in Two Places and to demand the establishment of an industrial area and the extension of the belt road to include the part between the cities of Moknine and Bekalta as well as the digitization of the distribution of fortified fodder and the respect of certified tapas from the waters of dam and the further intensification of security patrols in the educational institutions.To monitor the necessary possibilities for the construction of the Samirat site and its inclusion in the tourist field in parallel with the Maknin Museum and other archaeological sites in the city and to demand the concentration of the "Scanar" machine at the regional hospital in Makanin and further strengthen the medical and similar medical framework as well as the provision of a bus for the transfer of blood filtering patients and the establishment of the health service center in the two places.
Amiret Al-Hejjaj Municipality: Demand for an accredited event, linking the city to the cleansing network, setting up a youth house and a municipal playground, accelerating actions to exploit the public library and creating the road between Amiret Al-Hejjaj and Bni Hassan.

Sidi Bannour Municipality: Demand for the programming of the project to protect the city from floods, connect the city to the network of clearance and accelerate the procedures for exploitation of the basic health center awled said, the weaving of the sports compound and the maintenance of the basic health center with Sidi Bannour.
Amiret Fhoul Municipality: To demand the provision of medical equipment and the strengthening of the medical and semi-medical framework in order to improve medical services as well as accelerate the completion of works to prepare and maintain a range of roads and find appropriate solutions for the collection of rainwater at the intersection level between regional road No. 95 and regional road No. 96.Chrahil Municipality: Demanding the establishment of my country's stadium, connecting the combined wells of wastewater to the disinfection network to the Persian house, accelerating the revision of the example of urban preparation, creating a selling point for fortified fodder, maintaining the public library, upgrading the scholarship of the Association of Sports Association in chrahil and providing the necessary briefing for young initials.Amirat Al-Twezra Municipality: Demand for the establishment of a private park with an archaeological area on 19 hectares, accelerate the completion of the basic health centre construction project, add a review hall at the preparatory school, and demand the adoption of the National Disinfection Office of wastewater lifting services, as well as improve the quality of drinking water, upgrade the quantity of Friina, and maintenance of regional road No 181 between amiret El-Twezra and Boumardes in coordination and Boumardas.Manzel Fersi Municipality: Demanding the repair of the pumping station, providing a guard and improving the services of the disinfectant office and finding solutions to remove the bad smells emanating from the canteen in the perimeter of the city and expanding the arch between the towns of manzel and charahil.
In conclusion, Mr. governor stated that all interlocutors' concerns would be answered, calling on all parties concerned to find appropriate solutions to meet citizens' demands, make school returns successful 2022/2023, prepare for the autumn season and further resist anarchic erection and coordinate all parties to achieve the public interest.