A new bank branch in the city of kasr Hilal

بلاغ إتمام عملية إسناد المساكن الإجتماعية

بلاغ إتمام عملية إسناد المساكن الإجتماعية المنجزة في إطار البرنامج الخصوصي للسكن الإجتماعي بولاية المنستير في جزئه المتكون من عدد 11 مسكن فردي بمعتمدية جمال و عدد 65 مسكن جماعي بمعتمدية الساحلين

بقية التفاصيل

A new bank branch in the city of kasr Hilal

A new bank branch in the city of Ksar Hilal, Mr. Tariq Al-Bakoush, the first authorized person in charge of managing the affairs of the state of Monastir, was inaugurated today, Wednesday, November 10, 2021, in the presence of Messrs. Maher Mansour, the authorized representative of Ksar Hilal, and Lazhar Al-Qabisi,

the mayor of Ksar Hilal, and Mustafa Takia, the head of the regional union of industry, commerce and handicrafts, branch. A new bank in the city of Qasr Helal. The First Commissioner, in the presence of Mr. Mohamed Malous, President and General Manager of Al-Wefaq Bank, and Mohamed Saidan, a member of the Board of Directors, was briefed on the components of the bank branch, which is the 33rd branch of Al-Wefaq Bank, which has been doubling in the number of its branches from time to time.To further develop and bring its services closer to citizens in various regions of the Republic. The first Mr. Al-Mutamid emphasized that the doubling of the branches of banking and financial institutions in the region is the best evidence that the state of Monastir represents an economic pole with distinction that combines tourism, agriculture, trade and industry, in addition to being a university and hospital state, known as commercial mobility and providing various and multiple services. Visitors and contribute to the economic cycle regionally and nationally. And the first authorized Mr The development of services and bringing them closer to the citizens, especially from the economic, industrial and commercial institutions established in the various cities of the region, such as the city of Qasr Hilal, is a collective goal for the public and private sectors, and every institution that occurs in the region is a new gain added to the region, supported by the regional and local authority in its various structures and its organizations and works to overcome difficulties and provide all conditions for success for the promoters and investors to create new industrial, commercial or service establishments that would contribute to creating jobs and support the economic movement in the region.